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Cardi Construction is a construction company based out of Hamilton, Ontario that provides our customers with the best possible construction service at reasonable prices. Always on time and always on budget! As a Hamilton home-based Construction company, Cardi Construction has built an unmatched fleet of construction equipment so that availability and suitability are assured.

Sizing the equipment to the job and manning it with an experienced operator can shave hours off a project.

When schedules are tight, reliability counts. Cardi Construction has developed a maintenance program that is second to none. Our construction equipment is kept in top working condition so that unavoidable breakdowns do not cause delays. Cardi Construction is the reliable choice for service, quality, and experience.

As one of Hamilton and Southern Ontario’s Premier construction companies, Cardi has built a reputation for excellence throughout our forty years within the construction industry. Our expertise and knowledge in construction demolition, excavating, trucking, concrete flooring, and water and sewer services have seen us become one of Ontario’s leading construction companies. We provide a range of services that are designed to handle most construction jobs; excavating, grading, concrete flooring, demolition, trucking, rock breaking, and many more. No construction job is beyond Cardi’s capabilities.

Our experience within the industry coupled with our dedicated staff and personnel makes Cardi one of the most trusted and reliable construction companies in Hamilton and Ontario.

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