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We’d like to introduce you to The Cardi Difference. You have many options when choosing the best construction firm for your needs. Only with Cardi will you experience the difference that our knowledge, dedication, and superior customer service bring to every project. As a fully insured and bonded company, family-owned and operated since 1977, Cardi brings a wealth of expertise and a full range of services to meet all of your construction needs. We are experienced in troubleshooting and resolving construction issues so that a small snag in your plans is solved quickly and efficiently before it becomes a big headache. The Cardi Difference offers you peace of mind. You can count on our knowledge and reliability to get the job done right.

Our knowledge and expertise have been built from the ground up. We provide extensive equipment and safety training for every member of the Cardi team. Our multi-generational executive team ensures that you have the optimal combination of expertise and innovation as we draw upon over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. We continually strive to use the latest methods and technologies available in our business.

Every project can benefit from The Cardi Difference.

Our Services Include:

Sewer Services


Concrete Flooring


Stone Slinger Services


Rock Breaking

We also have our own Aggregate Depot that provides a wide variety of stone including; 3⁄4” clear stone, 3⁄4” crush run stone, 2” crush run virgin stone, 1⁄4” screenings, and 3⁄4” recycled crush run stone.

The Cardi Difference is also evident in our extensive equipment inventory that ensures that we have the equipment on hand to meet your needs as efficiently and economically as possible. If you hit rock unexpectedly during excavation, we have the equipment and knowledge to minimize the impact of this unexpected snag quickly and cost-effectively. When we provide you with a quote, we itemize exactly what is included and also provide a list of what is not included but that can arise unexpectedly during a project. We use our extensive knowledge to ensure that every client understands exactly what they are purchasing and how additional needs will be handled. In our opinion, Mother Nature provides enough surprises; you should not be surprised by your construction company.

You get what you pay for. At Cardi, we ensure that your money is well spent. There may be contractors who will provide you with a lower price but at the end of the project, it may not always be the most cost-effective. The Cardi Difference provides you with peace of mind and offers a fair price for an exceptionally well-executed job. Discover The Cardi Difference yourself, contact our Sales Team, and find out how Cardi Construction can make a difference for your project.


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