Sewer Services

Sewer & Watermain Installation and Repair: Cardi Construction is licensed and bonded by the municipality to perform sewer and water main installations and repairs. Our large fleet of excavation equipment combined with the commitment that you expect from a family-operated business ensures professional, problem-free installations. Cardi Construction is the expert in rapid precision digging and proper installation of development services.

New Sewer Lateral and Water Service Installation: A local industry leader, Cardi Construction pioneered the process of installing sewer and water laterals prior to excavating the foundation. By installing the laterals to the proper slope first, the likelihood of a foundation excavated too deep is greatly reduced. Cardi Construction is the trusted name in precision excavation and trouble-free service installations.

Homeowner Repairs to Existing Sanitary, Storm, and Water Lines: Homeowners living in the City of Hamilton may be entitled to reimbursement for lead water pipe replacement and investigative sewer repair services. For further information, please contact the Public Works Department or contact the city directly via their website


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